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Youth Center Trivia Contest

Are you smarter than a youth center kid? Our upcoming Trivia Contest fundraiser is your chance to prove it!

Game Details:

-6/Table with an entry fee of $30/Person($180/Table)

-Players must be 21 years of age or older

-Teams answer questions as a unit

-Prizes awarded to the winning team

ENTRY FORMS can be found at the top of our website homepage!

Not only will this be an opportunity put your thinking cap on and have fun with friends and family, but you will also be helping a great cause!

The children that we serve are a vital component to the future success of the community. Many of these young men and women could be working for Glens Falls Hospital, the largest employer in the area, aiding you when you're at your most vulnerable; driving economic development by starting their own business, while providing goods, services and jobs; or educating the next generation as a teacher in a local school district. Honestly, the sky is the limit!

The youth center provides youngsters with faith that there are people who believe in them and their dreams, hope for a brighter future and—most importantly— the love that most of them have never been given. I am optimistic that you will feel the same way. Investing in these kids, in our organization, is investing in a brighter future and ensures that the youth center will continue to be around for generations to come.

Join us on Saturday, November 2nd, from 6p.m. to 9p.m. at Sweet Basil Restaurant, located at 1012 US 9, Queensbury, NY 12804. A delicious pasta buffet will be provided(Penne with Meat Sauce, Fettuccine Alfredo, Rotini Marinara, and Ziti Broccoli/Garlic Oil) as well as a cash bar. Please send us your entry form and payment by Tuesday, October 29th. We hope to see you there, if you dare!

Also, if you are interested in sponsoring the event, please contact us: (518)-793-5932.

ENTRY FORMS can be found at the top of our website homepage!

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