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Will You Be Our Valentine?

2021 Valentine’s Day probably won’t be a celebration with buckets of candy and piles of cards passed around by your classmates like we’re used to. And that’s okay! There are so many ways for us to celebrate from the comfort of our own homes!

So, what’s the deal with Valentine’s Day anyway? You may not know it, but the first forms of Valentine’s Day were celebrated over a thousand years ago (the year 496 to be exact), but it looked very different from the holiday we have come to know and love. The first valentines began were given in the United states in the mid 1800’s. Today, almost 200 MILLION valentines are sent each year in the US alone!

Valentine’s Day is more than just the candy and cards, it is an opportunity for us to remind the people in our lives how much they mean to us. This is not a celebration just for romantic love either, but a chance to celebrate love for our families, friends, and community.

Celebrating: 2021 style!

-Decorate! Cut, color, paint, and hang all of the heart shaped decorations you can! The quickest way to get excited is to surround yourself with the colors and fun of Valentine’s Day. This is also the perfect opportunity to get crafty and exercise those artistic muscles.

-Bake heart shaped treats! For some reason, everything just seems to taste better when it’s in a fun shape, doesn’t it? Spend the weekend baking your favorite brownies or cookies to share with your friends and family. Who wouldn’t like a care package of treats dropped off on their porch?

-Mail out real Valentine cards! It’s not too late to get a valentine or card out in the mail for a loved one. We’re so used to texts and calls, but getting a nice note in the mail just makes it even more meaningful.

-Plan a virtual hang with the ones you love! Platforms like Zoom and FaceTime are perfect for “seeing” the people in our lives while staying safe. Plan a game or activity and make it happen! You can even host your very own Valentine’s Day trivia game with a little help from Google! Everyone feels isolated and lonely this year, don’t forget to take advantage of the technology in our lives that can be used to keep us together!

-Get a huge box of chocolates and try and guess each flavor without looking at the list! This is such a fun way to indulge in some holiday sweets. Boxes of chocolate are a staple for Valentine’s Day and most have so many fun flavors. Gather the people in your household and take turns guessing each flavor!

-Watch a movie that includes a great love story! And I’m not necessarily talking about a cheesy rom-com. There are so many movies that show the power of love amongst friends and family...some of my favorites to watch are Pixar’s ‘Up!’ and 'WALL-E'. What about you?

There is so much fun to be had, even when it feels like the holidays from the past year have been disappointing. Never forget that you have the power to make the best of a situation and create your own fun and traditions!

Happy Valentine’s Day from your Youth Center family, we love you!

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