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Why Kids Should Have #Goals

"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible." -Tony Robbins

It's not a coincidence that the top businesspeople, actors, musicians, athletes and achievers in every field imaginable all set goals. Having the drive and discipline to set goals helps you have long-term vision, the short-term motivation to get there, focus your knowledge and organize your time so that you can make the most of the the minutes, hours, weeks and months.

Goal setting is crucial for children, especially teens. It gives them a sense of purpose, which-in turn- can improve their confidence, self-esteem, focus and make better decisions.

It's a proven fact that kids who have aspirations, regardless of whether they are academic, athletic, musical or personal in nature, will do better in life than kids with no plan at all.

At the Youth Center, our staff never fails to show enthusiasm when kids share interests and passions. We encourage them to follow their dreams and help them navigate the journey to get them to the desired end result.

Not sure how to encourage or facilitate goal setting for your child? Here are some simple tips to help you get started:

1. Share with them one of your accomplishments and how you made it happen. Stories are a powerful tool, don't be afraid to use a personal anecdote.

2. Brainstorm small goals that can be achieved in a short time when just beginning the process.

3. Have your child write his or her goals on a piece of paper. Then stick it on the wall so that he or she can see it each day as a reminder.

4. Prepare a star chart to monitor progress. It will serve as inspiration and also keep them accountable!

5. Plan small surprises when goals are met. Everyone loves a reward system!

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