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Why Does the Youth Center Matter to the Community?: Here are the Reasons Why You Should Care

The Glens Falls Area Youth Center is a non-profit organization that serves disadvantaged youth who are in 5th to 12th grade in the Greater Glens Falls, New York area through a wide variety of educational, recreational and life-skills programs (including after school snacks and dinner each day), completely free of charge.

We first opened our doors back in 1968. Since that time, this organization has helped thousands of children. 

In the beginning the Youth Center was housed in places where most people wouldn't dare set one pinky toe; dark, cramped quarters complete with couches that erupted with dust clouds every time someone sat down. Then Matt Congdon became the Executive Director and everything changed. He passionately advocated for the underprivileged children in the area. His dream was to build a brand new Youth Center, complete with its own gymnasium, to serve as a second home for these youngsters. He worked tirelessly and after raising a million dollars in eight months, it became an actuality. 

Twenty-one years have passed since then and this organization has only continued to grow and evolve in our location on 60 Montcalm Street. 

The Youth Center has always been like a family, and we are always welcoming more members to join the group!

Children are a vital component to the future success of the community. One day these young men and women could be working for Glens Falls Hospital, the largest employer in the area, aiding you when you're at your most vulnerable; driving economic development by starting their own business and providing goods, services and jobs; or educating the next generation as a teacher. Honestly, the sky is the limit!

It is of the utmost importance that we invest in them, because when the children thrive, so will this community.  

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