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When Stressors Collide

Yesterday was November 3, 2020, election day! Election day is always an exciting time to share your opinions, hone in on your beliefs, and watch history unfold. This year’s election has held the same level of excitement, but in many ways it has also added a significant amount of stress to an already hectic year. The coronavirus has thrown us the greatest curveball of 2020, and it also has been a constant point of anxiety for everyone. A massive election, a global pandemic, the beginnings of snow in many parts of New York, AND it gets dark an hour earlier with daylight about the perfect recipe for a hard week! So, how do we cope?

First and foremost, it’s important to know our limits. If you and your family have been glued to your tv with your faces in your phones, it’s okay to step back and give yourself a breather from the constant information you’re being inundated with. Whether it’s coronavirus news, or election updates, assessing your own well being and knowing when to remove yourself for a bit is the most important. As a parent, it’s also important to recognize when these things are having a negative impact on the mental health of our kids, and be the example for setting up boundaries

A favorite way for me to de-stress is to get outside! A family walk around your neighborhood is not only good for a brain-break, but it also is a great way for you to catch up as a family and get to know your area. Getting outside for a walk is also a perfect way to get some low impact exercise that will naturally calm your body, and release some much needed endorphins.

Staying in to watch a movie, read a book, or take a long bubble bath can be incredibly beneficial for our mental health during these stressful few months. Anything you can do to make you and your headspace a priority will help you get through the tumultuous year that is 2020. The Youth Center is here to help our members learn coping mechanisms, relaxation through art and games, and also be a great reprieve from it all for a few hours each day. We hope to see you all soon!

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