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Test Anxiety Tips and Tricks!

It is normal to be a little nervous before a test at school. The uncertainty of the questions that will be asked can definitely cause some pre-test jitters. The adrenaline that comes along with those jitters can sometimes help individuals actually perform better on a test, but for many, test anxiety can really hinder their ability to score well on an exam. Test anxiety is a type of performance anxiety that is set in motion when a person feels pressure to perform well. Test anxiety can manifest in a bunch of physical ways like sweating, rapid heartbeat, dry mouth, shaking, and sometimes nausea.

When you’re experiencing test anxiety, you can blank out on your answers, even if you had thoroughly studied and prepared, and you were positive you knew the answer. It’s incredibly frustrating to know you learned this material, but can’t seem to find the answer in your mind. Don’t let these moments spiral into negative thoughts and self doubt. We’ve got some tips to help you!

1-Avoid the thought that you need to be perfect! No one is perfect! We all make mistakes, and doing your best is really all that matters. If you’ve paid attention in class, done your homework, studied your’ve done everything right, and it is okay to not get every question correct on your test.

2-Take care of your body! Getting a good night’s sleep and fueling your body with healthy foods will set you up for success. Deep, calming, breaths can also help lower your heart rate and help your mind focus on the task at hand.

3-Don’t pay attention to anyone else in the room! Everyone learns differently, and it is okay to take your time on a test, even when you notice people around you finishing. Take your time and focus on your exam, and not how quickly anyone else may be completing theirs.

4-Practice makes perfect! Test taking is a skill, and with practice you can better your abilities. Ask your teacher for practice questions, take online prep quizzes, or create flashcards to help you study information in a new way.

Learning to handle test anxiety will not only make your school experience less stressful, it will help you face any number of stressful challenges that may pop up throughout your life. You’ve got this, and we are here to support you through it all!

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