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Raising An Anti-Racist Child

Everything we do shapes our children’s views of race. From the movies we watch, the books we read, the friends we have over, the doctors we visit, and the conversations we have.

Marching in the streets isn’t the only way to take small steps towards changing ourselves and raising socially conscious, anti-racist children. Exposing children to books and documentaries that focus on people of color, and having conversations about race are some good first steps. These conversations can be started with books, documentaries, or movies such as “Black Panther”, or “Crazy Rich Asians” by simply asking how that movie was different from other movies you’ve seen. Let kids reflect on their own- they might not even mention race- and then share how it was different for you.

Reach out to your school’s administration to learn more about how race is talked about in school and demand accurate history lessons about race. Join the PTA and go to school board meetings. Enroll your child in extracurriculars in cities and neighborhoods where they are exposed to diversity and interact with students of different races. Do the same for yourself! Drive the extra miles to go to a different grocery store, to see a black doctor or dentist.

Encourage your child to recognize differences in humans. We come in innumerable varieties of shapes, sizes, and colors. There are differences in hair color and texture, eye shapes, noses, lips, height, and weight. The differences that they can and should notice are aplenty. The key is to teach children that none of these differences are bad.

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