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Name: Hammad Awan

Grade: 8th

School: Glens Falls Middle School

What’s your favorite subject? Math and English. I get good grades in them!

What are your hobbies?Basketball, soccer, video games and cooking.

What do you like to cook? Omelet.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Not sure yet. I want to be a lawyer, a chef…I’m all over the place right now!

3 interesting facts about you:

1. I am from Pakistan.

2. Half of my family lives in Pakistan.

3. I’m the middle child.

Favorite movie? Why? Action movies like Fast and the Furious. They are exciting.

Favorite sport? Basketball and soccer.

Why do you like the Youth Center? It’s fun. You get food, there’s strict rules about swearing and stuff…that’s what I like.

How long have you been coming to the Youth Center? November 2019.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned at the Youth Center? That you should participate in any games. And to communicate with new friends well!

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