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Letter From Our Executive Director

Dear YC Crew,

Yesterday it was announced that several local school districts, including Glens Falls, are not going to allow high to moderate impact sports for at least the remainder of the winter. We know that this is disappointing. We feel for you and we wish more than anything that you could participate in all your regular activities and that this pandemic never happened; however, what was even more disheartening to us was the number of negative comments made by parents, kids and community members alike. Prior to the coronavirus, back when everything was “normal,” so many of you walked through our doors each day with endless complaints about practice and putting in the necessary work for your sports. Life has a funny way of showing us that we shouldn’t take anything for granted. It can change faster than we can catch our breath and then, without notice, stop on a dime. Perhaps you will be more grateful. Playing sports is a privilege.

We also would like to highlight that your teachers and school administrators have gone above and beyond to help all of you make it through this health crisis. Blaming them for something that is completely out of their control is not right. They have worked tirelessly to make this horrible time more bearable. Instead of criticizing them, try saying “thank you.” They deserve better. And we expect you to act better—be better.

We know that for many of you this seems like the end of world— the worst thing that could ever happen. But it isn’t. Imagine not having access to clean water or proper medical treatment. Imagine battling cancer and suffering through the pain and agony of chemotherapy. Imagine being homeless, shivering out in the snow on a park bench. Imagine not having any legs. Imagine watching a loved one die right in front of your eyes. Imagine being unable to breathe, hooked up to a ventilator, dying alone and petrified in a hospital bed; that has been the fate of over 400,000 Americans as a result of COVID-19. So when you take a step back and really think about it, sports, prom, senior ball, homecoming games…they aren’t truly what matters in life. The thing that matters most is love, and showing that love to all the people that surround you. We will get through this and you will once again experience the incredible rush of scoring a touchdown, the exhilaration of hitting the game-winning shot, the glory of pinning your opponent, the delight of setting a personal PR, or the elation of hitting a perfect strike. Those victories will be even sweeter, we promise.

Keep your heads up and your spirits high!



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