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Keeping Students Engaged This Summer

Summer vacation is here, and two months can be a long break from learning, especially after an altered second half of the school year given the COVID-19 school closures. Support your student in flexing their academic muscles this summer by consistently completing these suggested activities.

  1. Daily Journal- Have your student keep a daily journal that records what they have done each day over the summer. Encourage the use of new vocabulary words, and rich descriptive words that help “readers” visualize their summer experiences. This will help keep their reading and writing skills sharp.

  2. Summer Reading- Have your student stay on top of their reading. Reading is on the easiest ways to keep a student’s mind engaged during a break from structured educational activities. Hit up the local library for reading list suggestions, reach out to school staff for resources, or join the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge online.

  3. Get Outside and Explore- Being outside and observing nature around can be a great learning experience. A trip to a local park, nearby forest, hike in the Adirondack mountains, or a swim in a local lake can provide students with an opportunity to think critically about the world around them.

  4. Advance Their Education- As things begin to open up again, have your student visit a museum, go to a zoo or aquarium. Take advantage of museum education programs or other classes offered by local businesses. Look into what your your local recreation center has to offer this summer and encourage your student to learn something new!

  5. Get Crafty to Stay Active- Encourage students to pick a recipe to try to cook, or get them outside constructing a new bird feeder. The sky is the limit, but the key is to have students doing something rather than passively watching TV or playing video games.

  6. Learn Online- Students may be tired of online learning, but exposing them to a wide range of fantastic and free resources could reignite their desire. Some of the most popular games that encourage creativity include SketchUp, Lego Digital Designer, FlipSnack. If these examples aren’t exactly what your student is looking for, a simple search in your App Store for educations apps can provide more options.

  7. Volunteer Opportunities- Encourage older students to stay active in the community during the summer by volunteering for a local organization. This provides valuable experience by helping students to develop leadership and job skills, exposing them to potential career opportunities, and helping them make their own professional connections within the community. They are also great resume boosters and look great on college applications!

  8. Stay Healthy and Active- In addition to academic risks, children can also be at risk of weight gain when they are out of school during the summer months. Take advantage of the warmer weather and stay active outdoors. Check out the Youth Center’s Instagram for workout of the day suggestions, or visit any of the following websites: Let’s Move!, USDA Summer Food Program

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