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It's Hard to Say Goodbye

Youth Center Members,

Thinking about each of you and how much I miss seeing you guys puts a smile on my face and tugs at my heartstrings a bit. You are all such an amazing bunch of kooks! No but seriously, you are such great humans. While you all have unique personalities that you bring into the Youth Center, one thing that you have in common has been making me laugh and appreciate the time I’ve spent working with you. I came into my work at the Youth Center afraid of “big kids” but you’ve taught me that your generation isn’t as scary as I’d thought :)

As many of you might know, before working at the Youth Center, I spent the last seven years working in elementary schools, as both a teacher and administrator. It’s been my passion to help shape the minds of our youngest community members, to foster a love of learning at a young age, and to have an impact on the way that they think about themselves and others. It’s with both joy and sadness that I am sharing that I am returning back to teaching. Starting this fall I’ll be returning to teach at Troy Prep, in Troy, NY.

My time spent with you at the Youth Center has been nothing short of amazing. You’ve never ceased to make me laugh with your crazy stories, cheesy pick-up lines, corny jokes, and fierce competitive natures. I’ve loved getting to know you guys and I am leaving with confidence that you all are in great hands at the Youth Center. Matt’s spirit is still alive in each of you there (under Molly’s awesome leadership) and in the short time I’ve been there, I’ve seen the ways that you’ve grown and become kinder, more loving people. Respect each other, appreciate your differences and what makes each of you who you are. You’ve all got the potential to be incredible people with bright futures, so keep working hard. And of course, last but not least, be kind. Love you guys!

-Meghan (Big M)

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