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How to Help Kids De-Stress

COVID-19 has caused a lot of change and, thus, a lot of stress. We talked to Kat MacKenzie, owner of Acupuncture Nirvana, for some advice to help our kids during this time:

Would you say it's normal for kids to be experiencing anxiety and stress as a result of the coronavirus? Grown ups are significantly stressed, and in an environment where they may not understand everything that's happening it's hard for kids to wear masks, or not get hugs, or be able to understand consequences. For parents that might have trouble recognizing this, what are some symptoms a child may exhibit when stressed? Hyperactivity, crying, upset but can't explain why, withdrawal, detachment... Are there any acupuncture pressure points they could be doing at home? Actually, tapping along the chest with their fingers, all the way down to the sternum bone, and then tapping below the belly button, and then imagining tree roots growing out of their feet, so that they are firmly planted to the ground is a fun way for kids to access some acupuncture points for stress. Can you provide 5 tips on how kids can naturally de-stress, relax and stay calm during this pandemic? 1) The above meditation - I LOVE the Moshi app for kids - it has meditations and sleep stories that make kids feel safe and relaxed and entertained.

2) Five minutes of quiet deep breathing.

3) Ask them what makes them feel most calm. If they don't know try different things.This usually varies depending on a person's element. For example, some people are more fire, so a fireplace video or a backyard firepit may calm them. Some people are more water so bathtime is their favorite. Some people are more earth, so conneting to friends will calm them. Some people are more metal so organizing and having a clean and orderly space will calm them. Some people are more wood, so being around trees and still having the chance to learn and grow during the pandemic will help them. You can be a mix too. It's just finding out what works for each child.

4) Getting plenty of sleep; weighted blankets while sleeping can really help calm and ground.

5) Passionflower tea is great for monkey mind thinking - where you can't stop obsessing about all your worries. But I also like rescue remedy (also known as 5 flower remedy) by Bach Flower Essences; you put a couple drops under your tongue for when you are upset. Rose essential oil is known as a "gloss" to calm down emotions and I like Young Living's "Peace and Calming" essential oil blend for that as well. I personally take Skullcap every night to help me sleep as well as Rescue Remedy. I keep a diffusor at home for the essential oils plus himalayan salt lamps as my night light - it provides a nice amber night time glow that's peaceful.

Stay healthy!!

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