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How to Beat the Back to School Blues

‘Back to school’ can stir up a lot of emotions. Some of us are excited and ready to get back and take on the new year, while some are mourning the soon-to-be loss of our lazy summer mornings. I think the one thing everyone might be feeling is a twinge of anxiety when it comes to this upcoming school year. With the abrupt end to spring semester, and the uncertainty of what to expect when we return this fall, it is normal to be a little nervous. 

None of us can control what the next few months will look like with remote learning, hybrid learning, and all sorts of new guidelines...but we CAN be in control of our mindset. Positivity is a powerful thing, my friends. Attacking these challenges with a positive outlook can help ease those feelings of anxiety and nervousness. There will be frustrating moments and technology woes, but just remind yourself that this is, thankfully, only for now. 

So, what are some good ways to keep positive? Everyday when you wake up, take a moment to list off to yourself all of the things you GET to do today, not all of the things you feel like you’re missing out on. If you’re learning remotely, maybe try telling yourself “I GET to wear my fuzzy socks and slippers all day during school.” “I GET to learn from the comfort of my desk at home.” If you’re heading into school for the day remind yourself that you GET to see your teachers and friends from a safe distance. You GET to walk to school and get some fresh air and stretch your legs. And if all else fails, and you’re still feeling the loss of everything “normal”, remind yourself that you still have all of us at the Youth Center. 

The Youth Center is going to be different this fall, just like school, but the heart of the YC extends far beyond its walls. We are here for you all when you need a pep talk, help with some homework, or even just a listening ear. You will get through this time, and we will support you all the way!

For additional resources on how to handle mental health and coping with the Coronavirus, please visit

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