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Goal Getters

We’ve loved hearing about the aspirations of our members over the last few days during our “Build Your Future” themed unit. We’ve talked about dream jobs, potential college plans, and spent a lot of time talking about short term goals. The first step to goal setting is writing it down! Making a list of what you hope to achieve or master is a great way to visualize your path to success. We asked our staff what some of their short term and long term goals are, and here’s what they said!


The rest of this year: Work on organization!

Next Year: Move closer to Glens Falls (she works up north here!)

5 Years from now: Work on buying a house and building a family!


The rest of this year: Finish obtaining all the parts (and funds) needed to build his dream PC

Next Year: Find a house!

5 Years from now: Finish School


The rest of this year: Continue house hunting, donate clothes and stop holding onto objects that don’t matter or bring joy. Be a better “long distance” friend during Covid, reaching out more to people and having virtual hangouts.

Next Year: Finalize plans for her wedding (2022), save and put money towards student loan debt and savings.

5 Years from now: Make a cross country road trip!


The rest of this year: Finish her book, work on taking more “me time”. Start a Youth Center Youtube and work towards buying a house!

Next Year: Work to be in her “forever home”, get her book published, and try to save more money than 2020.

5 Years from now: Write another book (or two!), continue to save money (especially for her kids), and continue expanding programs at the Youth Center!

Taking a few minutes to write out your goals, even your goals for a single day, will only help set you up for success. So, what are you striving for?

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