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Executive Director's Fall Favorites

The time has come, the moment we've all been waiting for, the grand finale of our Staff Fall Favorites Q&A's...Molly! We've gotten to know the rest of the crew a bit better over the last few weeks through our "Fall Favorites Q&A" blog posts- but now it's time to hear from our beloved Executive Director! Do you think she's an apple or a pumpkin kind of gal? Only one way to find out!

Q:What is your favorite fall drink? Molly: Apple Cider! Q:Which is the superior fall flavor: Pumpkin Spice or Apple Cider? Molly: Apple Cider, without question. Q:What is your favorite Halloween movie? Molly: The Halloween Tree. It’s a cartoon based off of a book by Ray Bradbury. It’s one of my traditions and now I get to share it with my kids! (We have actually been showing this at the YC for our Halloween weeks! 10/10, would recommend.)

Q: What is the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? Molly: I was a snowman. My mom made the whole costume and it was so cool. I even won a costume contest! Although there was one year that I was a “Halloween Princess.” Completely my mom’s creation. Fun fact: I was in the Lake George Opera when I was five and seven so I had this princess dress from one of my roles and my mom transformed it into a true masterpiece!

Q: Favorite Candy? Molly: I’ve never really liked candy, but I would have to say a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

Q: Pumpkin Picking or Apple Picking? Molly: Pumpkin Picking!

Q: Paint Pumpkins or Carve Pumpkins? Molly: Carve it up!

Q: Haunted House or Corn Maze? Molly: Haunted House, even though I’m a wimp. But don’t get me wrong I also love a good corn maze.

Q: Any fall or Halloween traditions? Molly: Aside from this crazy COVID year we normally always go apple picking, pumpkin picking and hit a haunted hayride or house. Watching my kids trick or treat is the absolute best part of the holiday now, though. They are so excited and always make me laugh.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know the Youth Center staff through these Q&A's, now we want to learn more about your Holiday favorites! Stop into the Youth Center and share! We hope to see you soon.

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