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Christmas Traditions Q&A with Alex!

The holiday season is something that many people look forward to throughout the year, no matter what you celebrate! The food, music, and traditions are unique for every family, so we wanted to get to know how our staff chooses to celebrate. First up- Alex, with some of her favorite Christmas traditions!

Q:What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Alex: Polar express or the Santa Clause

Q:What’s your most cherished Christmas memory?

Alex: Moving my bed into my sisters' room and watching polar express with them on Christmas eve Q:Favorite decoration?

Alex: Christmas Gnomes

Q:If you could pick the location of your Xmas celebration where would it be and why?

Alex: My mom's because that's where my family is

Q:What is the most delicious Christmas dessert?

Alex: Pudding Pie

Q:Do you prefer presents or your stocking?

Alex: Presents

Q:What are some of your classic leading up to Christmas activities? Alex: Listening to Justin Bieber's Christmas Album and putting up the tree

Q:What is your favorite aspect of the holiday?

Alex: The feeling of joy

Q:What is on your Christmas list this year?( either #1 or top three!)

Alex: I don't really have any thing on the list

Q:What is your funniest Christmas memory?

Alex: The year my mom tried to trick me by putting socks in my phone box and wrapping it, but I found the phone first.

Q:Favorite Christmas book?

Alex: I don't have one Q:Grinch or Scrooge?

Alex: Scrooge

Q:The Santa Clause or The Polar Express?

Alex: That's too tough to decide! Q:Favorite Christmas song? Alex: Silent Night

Q:Favorite Christmas tradition( mistletoe, caroling, lights, cookies, etc. )

Alex: Lights

Q:What message do you feel is most important during the holiday season? Especially this year!

Alex: Give for the sake of giving.

Q:What word exemplifies the true meaning Christmas to you?

Alex: Unconditional love

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