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Carly Talks Christmas Cheer!

The holiday season is something that many people look forward to throughout the year, no matter what you celebrate! The food, music, and traditions are unique for every family, so we wanted to get to know how our staff chooses to celebrate. Next up- Carly!

Q: What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

Carly: So many. Home Alone (1 and 2!), The Santa Clause, and Elf! I can’t choose!

Q: What’s your most cherished Christmas memory?

Carly: My sister and I used to dance around the living room belting Christmas music when we were little, I miss that!

Q: Favorite decoration?

Carly: Lights. All the lights. The more lights, the better.

Q: If you could pick the location of your Xmas celebration where would it be and why?

Carly: My old family home. My parents just sold the house I grew up in and it’s our first Christmas without it!

Q: What is the most delicious Christmas dessert?

Carly: I love peppermint ice cream, or cheesecake

Q: Do you prefer presents or your stocking?

Carly: One thoughtful gift means the most!

Q: What are some of your classic leading up to Christmas activities?

Carly: Christmas movies and music nonstop. Driving around with hot chocolate to look at lights!

Q: What is your favorite aspect of the holiday?

Carly: I’m a sap by nature, like I just love being cozy and cheery, and I feel like not only is that acceptable this time of year, it’s encouraged!

Q: What is on your Christmas list this year?( either #1 or top three!)

Carly: There’s really nothing that I need this year. I did just get engaged so I am trying to find the perfect wedding planning book, but that’s honestly it!

Q: What is your funniest Christmas memory?

Carly: The ONE time we had a real tree when I was younger, it fell on my mom! Never again...haha

Here's an awkward family Christmas Photo to brighten your day!

Q: Favorite Christmas book?

Carly: The Gift of The Magi by O. Henry

Q: Grinch or Scrooge?

Carly: Grinch! Because hopefully this would include his dog, Max.

Q: The Santa Clause or The Polar Express?

Carly: The Santa Clause (but I do love the PE)

Q: Favorite Christmas song?

Carly: I’m really obsessed with Leslie Odom Jr.’s “This Christmas Album” that just came out, so like that entire thing on repeat this year!

Q: Favorite Christmas tradition( mistletoe, caroling, lights, cookies, etc. )

Carly: My family has a Christmas Pickle. Someone will hide the pickle somewhere in the house, we all search for the pickle, and if you’re the first to find the pickle you get to hang it on the tree and you get a prize! It’s a funny tradition that makes the whole family laugh every year!

Q: What message do you feel is most important during the holiday season? Especially this year!

Carly: I think it’s always important to remember “it’s the thought that counts”. This year is so hard with social distancing, limited gatherings, and lots of disappointments all around, but I think it’s important we remember that it’s not about the gifts or the parties...the holidays are about reminding everyone in your life that you love them! So maybe you couldn’t get out to buy someone the latest and greatest gift this year, it’s nothing compared to a card or a phone call to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Q: What word exemplifies the true meaning Christmas to you?

Carly: Joy. The holidays are such a joyful time of year.

Here's Carly's dog Hadley showing her own Christmas Spirit!

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