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Anthony's Top Ten Turkey Tips!

We sat down with staff member Anthony, our resident food expert, to get his top tips for our Thanksgiving turkeys this week. In no particular order:

-Make sure you take it out to thaw in time! 24 hours in the fridge for every 5 pounds of turkey.

- Butter is BETTER. Lots of butter to keep your turkey moist

-Don’t be shy with the basting. Baste away.

-Start cooking with the bird uncovered, but cover once browned (stops it from getting burnt) about halfway

-Whether you plan to brine your turkey, or use dry seasonings, it's crucial that you are generous with your seasoning!

- Salt, pepper, fresh garlic, thyme, rosemary sprigs are some of his favorites for seasoning the outside of a turkey.

-Last 30 minutes, uncover your turkey and brush with honey. You heard that right, HONEY.

-Stuff, and cook your turkey with 2 onions, a couple rosemary and thyme sprigs, 2 sticks of butter, salt and pepper...and lemon!

-Let it rest once it’s out of the oven so the juices will redistribute throughout the meat, otherwise you’ll have a dried out bird!

-Anthony suggests eating the white meat first, because that’s his favorite!

We know Thanksgiving is going to be a bit different this year, so while you're staying safe at home, we hope that you can test your culinary skills with Anthony's suggestions!

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