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A Day in the Life of a Youth Center Kid


Kids push through the doors, drop off their bags and belongings in the entryway and head into the main room. Free fruit, granola bars, crackers pretzels, goldfish and cookies are available, ready to be gobbled up.


Two pool tables become occupied quickly by friends battling each other in a game of cut throat. Ping pong balls fly around and the sound of the air hockey puck smashing the sides of the table fills the main room. The smell of dinner cooking in the oven wafts through the air and beads of sweat quickly form on the foreheads of the athletes that crowd the gym.


A line is formed in the kitchen as members come through to fit their faces. A main dis, fruit salad, pasta salad, and white or chocolate milk to choose from. (What most members don't know, is all of our food is prepared to be cooked by the owners and chefs over at Cooper's Cave Ale Company in Glens Falls!)


Did someone say dodgeball? The masses run to the gym, eagerly waiting for the teams to be picked. The whistle blows and the balls start flying. "No boundaries" being called is always music to their ears. In the main room, kids are slapping cards, shouting, "I know" in a competitive game of Scattergories. And as for the non-competitive kids, word searches and crossword

puzzles are laid out, waiting to be completed.


Back and Biceps...Chest and Triceps...Legs...Core...Full name it, we work it out! And for participating in the work out of the day, kids earn a star to add to our star chart. What do stars earn them, you ask? Three stars boys them a Gatorade, five earns them a Gatorade and an ice cream, and

fifteen gets them a pick from the prize box.

There are at least three opportunities to

earn a star each night!


As the crowd winds down, the kids who are left engage in a board game of their choice, challenging the staff to a mean game of Yahtzee, Clue, Life or any of the other games that we have on hand. A line forms at the multi-cade machine with arcade classics like Pacman, Galaga, Dig-Dug or Donkey Kong. Kids work hard to beat the high score that their peers set. At 7:50,

it's time to head home after a fun-filled evening

spent with friends.

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